Welcome to Unit 4

Protection Magick

There is much to learn with protection magick. I am teaching you my favorite methods and my personal formulas. All videos will be available for replay in your face book group and in the website. I hope you enjoy this unit much as I do! 

Please down load the Herbal list. 

Tuesday 3/3 @10:00am CST live video. 

Protection salt also known as black witches salt. How to make it and it’s many uses. 

Friday 3/13 @ 10:00am CST live video

Guardian oil how to make and how to use.  

Tuesday 3/17/20 how to make your guardian condenser to be used 3/31

*prerecorded video  

Tuesday 3/24 how to make Florida water and it’s many uses.  

*prerecorded video 

Tuesday 3/31

How to banish using Guardian condenser, salt and candles.  

Friday 4/3 @4:00pm live Q &

Guardian Salt

Step by step instructions on making your Guardian Salt

How to make Guardian Potions

Guardian oil & dry Formula

What is Banishing & Binding?

Down Load "sacred Shield" my protection sigil.

Using Guardian with Candles

How to dress a chime & 7 day candle using "Guardian"

Sacred Shield download

How to Make a Protective Pillow Talisman

Check out this great video