Energy Session with Incantation Box


This offering includes a 45 minute energy healing session and a unique Incantation Box to support your spiritual needs! 

We will meet via Zoom for a transnational energy session. 

Using various healing techniques, I will scan your energy body for blocks,hooks and chords, negative energy, and your overall chakra health.  Based on your session,   I will create a unique healing Incantation box! 

Your Incantation box will include:

A summary of your healing

A Reiki infused magick healing candle

Anointing oil

Herbs and flowers specifically chosen for you. These are intended to dress your candle.

Your very own incantation.

**A Reiki infused clear Quartz bracelet, programmed with your intention and magick! 

This offering includes shipping with the USA

Please allow 8-10 days to expedite your order  as I am customizing your offering and receiving counsel from your spirit guides.