Clearing Your Crystals


Clearing your crystals


Crystals are sensitive tools that absorb energy as well as admit energy. It is recommended and  important to clear your crystals before working with them.   

 Listed below are some of my favorite ways or methods to clear your crystals and bring them back into balance. 



Light your preferred smudge stick and simply pass your crystal through the smoke a few times to clear it. You may also use Palo Santo in the same way.

Sacred Shield


Sacred Shield is my  powerful clearing spray. Spray your crystal with the spray and gently wipe dry with a cotton cloth. You may also spray your  divination tools  such as pendulums, tarot or oracle cards...

Moon Energy


At night when the moon is full, place your crystals outside  or on a window sill to allow the Moon to clear and charge your crystal. If you are placing your crystal outside a great idea is to cover your crystal just in case of rain. Not all crystals are water-friendly!

Energy Healing


If you are a Reiki practitioner , Sacred Soul Alignment practitioner, or use other forms of energy healing, you can use this to clear your crystals and divination tools! Simply hold your crystals or place your hands above them and pass the clearing/healing energy through them.





you can choose to bury your crystals in your yard or in organic  potting soil if they have been through  trauma or need to reconnect to Mother Earth's energy. I like to do this with my pendulums and crystals that have broken.


Sound Healing

Crystals respond to sound. You can drum, play the Tibetan or Crystal singing bowls to clear and re-tune their energy. 




If your crystal is water friendly and measures above 6.0 in the MAS scale you can run it under water, in a river or ocean.